Personalised Family Bike Portrait


Creating your bespoke family portrait

Step 1 – choosing your images

Choose the figures (from menu within the gallery) that best represent your family. 


Step 2 – choosing your heading

Decide on the heading that you would like at the top of your portrait.

Option A: Daddy, leading ‘Team (your surname)‘ since (your chosen date)

eg. Daddy, leading ‘Team Watson’ since 2007

Option B: Daddy, creating adventures since (your chosen date)

Alternatively, you can choose your own heading or adapt the wording.


Step 3

Decide on your frame.

White, Black or Oak effect


Step 4

Finally add the following details to the ‘notes’ when you reach the checkout page. Below is an example. Remember to include the age of your children and their names.

Dad – D1, Mum – M2, Lucy G2 age 7, Tom B3 age 8

Chosen heading: Daddy, creating adventures since 2009

Chosen frame: Oak effect




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